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Display Flag-Rectangle Banner Rectangle Flag
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Display Flag-Rectangle Banner Rectangle Flag

1 x Small Rectangle Banner with Single Side Printing & Ground Spike (2700mm High), $90+gst;

1 x Medium Rectangle Banner with Single Side Printing & Ground Spike (3500mm High), $119+gst;

1 x Large Rectangle Banner with Single Side Printing & Ground Spike (4700mm High), $145+gst;
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Product description


The affordable rectangle flag is widely used for indoor and outdoor events and works well busy streets, open squares and crowded trade shows.

The rectangle flag is ideal for all kinds of display activities. With this flag at your upcoming promotional activity you can always stand out from the others.



* Huge bulk discount

* Good quality.

* UV resistant

* Full digital printing

* Light weight easy carried


Other options please choose:

* Size: small, medium, or large;

* Qty: 1, 2, 3...

* Single(mirror reversed) or double sided print;


Select the base style you like:

Ground spike base, cross base(with water bag), cast iron base, U shape car base...


5 working days production!


With more details, please email us, we will get back to you quickly!



If your flag reaches up to 9.8 ft, the pocket size will be 2.8 in. If your flag is more than 13.1 ft, your pocket will be 3.5 in accordingly.


Q: Can you customize the size of advertising flags?

A: We offer more than 50 advertising flag templates for you to select from. Or send us the specific sizes of hardware, we can also make the customized advertising flag to suit it.


Q: Can you make the opaque advertising flag?

A: Yes, we will sew an interlayer to increase the thickness of the advertising flag, there are 2 different interlayer fabrics for choice.


Q: How long does the flagpole last?

A: Premier frame with high performance, like aluminum tubes, fiberglass and fiber reinforce plastic poles are used. The life of a flagpole depends on where it is used. Normally, the flagpole has a warranty of at least 6 months.  


Q: How do you pack the advertising flag? How about the size of the bag?

A: We will use OPP bag and PVC bag of different sizes for packaging to fit your needs. 

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